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Love What You Eat

As we get closer and closer to Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating all things love – and this brought up an important question: do you really love what you eat?

Too often, we get swept up in consuming food that is easily accessible to us in our busy day-to-day lives (we’re looking at you, fast food…). It’s easy to get stuck in a food rut, feasting on meals that are convenient and easily prepared as opposed to meals that are nutritionally valuable, balanced, and flavorful.  As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, we at Moon Meals are challenging you all to truly eat what you – and your body – love.

An easy way to make better food choices while not sacrificing taste is to make healthy substitutions for your favorite foods. So – if you love pasta, but you find that you’re feel sluggish and bloated after your spaghetti bolognese dinner, consider swapping out your regular spaghetti for a whole-wheat pasta, or even better, a chickpea pasta option, such as this.

You don’t have to cut out all your favorite foods to live a healthy lifestyle. If you love cupcakes, eat a cupcake! As long as you strike a balance between healthy and unhealthy foods, you’re already on your way to living a healthy lifestyle that you and your body will love!

Another way to embrace a healthier lifestyle is by preparing foods that you’re excited about: sometimes, it’s as simple as that! Have a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try out? Trying to find a way to use that blender that’s been sitting in the back of your cupboard for years? Never prepared tofu before and you’re curious? All good reasons to cook a meal that is healthy, nutritious – and delicious. The more you’re excited about the food you prepare, the more fulfilled you and your body will feel!

Share your journey with us @moonmealsfood on Instagram, and stay tuned for more exciting plant-based recipes from Moon Meals Chef/CEO LaForce Baker! Share the love!

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