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Halloween: The Vegan Way

Halloween season is upon us, and those economy-sized bags of candy are slowly making their way into our grocery stores and into our homes. How can you navigate through the sea of processed sugar and stick to a healthy (bonus: vegan) lifestyle during Halloween? How do you do Halloween – the vegan way? Check out our top tips on having a healthy, vegan-friendly Halloween.


  • Know your vegan-friendly candies:  Throwing a Halloween party? Hosting vegans? Make sure you stock up on candies and sweets that are vegan-friendly. Luckily for you, there is no shortage of vegan candy options out in the world – and we’re not talking fruit leather or raisins (though those work well, too). Refer to this  comprehensive list of vegan candies that are perfect for your party or for passing out to trick-or-treaters.


  • Explore vegan halloween recipes:  Find yourself having some extra time in the kitchen? Try your hand at some family-friendly vegan Halloween recipes – we’re talking vampire-inspired cupcakes, rice crispy treats, and apple/kiwi bites. Don’t have a sweet tooth? Fear not – who says Halloween has to be sweet anyways? For a savory spin on Halloween, try some Halloween-inspired spaghetti, pizza, or ramen. Here are some ideas to help you get cookin’.


  • Give out other healthy options:  Ok, we know – growing up, no one liked the old lady who gave out pennies and apples instead of our coveted candy bars, but if you’re really hoping to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in your neighborhood, the apples truly are something to consider. Other suggestions for vegan-friendly Halloween treats for trick-or-treaters include fruits, vegan candies (see above), pretzels, or some homemade vegan baked goods (granted you’ve got the time on your hands.)


  • Donate your leftovers:  Wondering what to do with that huge stash of not-vegan-friendly candy that your little trick-or-treater brought home? What you don’t (or can’t) eat, donate! Do a little research and find a local organization that will accept candy donations – Treats for Troops is a great one. At the very least, bring those leftovers to work or school and share the sugar!

Have a happy, healthy Halloween!

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