What is a Meat Detox and How to Get Started

Moving towards a plant-based diet is a fantastic change that offers many health benefits. However, it can be difficult to eliminate meat — especially in a carnivore-focused culture like ours. That’s why many experts recommend a full meat detox to truly commit to your new lifestyle and begin building those habits that go into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Maximize Your Grocery Shopping Experience

It’s pretty easy to walk into a grocery store and want to purchase items that you don’t need — especially if you aren’t prepared. Americans typically throw away about 25 percent of the groceries they buy. To get the most out of your grocery shopping and avoid wasting food or money, here’s a quick guide to start implementing more efficient shopping practices.

Vegan Eats in Chicago’s North Side

Looking for vegan and vegetarian eats on Chicago’s North Side? You won’t have far to look! Here’s a list of some of Moon Meal’s favorite restaurants scattered throughout the neighborhoods.

Chicago’s South Side Vegan and Vegetarian Destinations

Whether you’re trying to be healthier, you have a dietary change, or there’s ethical reasons for being vegan or vegetarian, you don’t have to worry about compromise or deprivation. Chicago’s South Side has numerous flavorful veggie-centric spots for you to try out. Here is a list of Chicago’s South Side destinations.

Vegan and Vegetarian Dining Hotspots in the Chicago Loop

Chicago might be known for its steak and Italian beef sandwiches, but there are plenty of delicious and fulfilling options for vegans and vegetarians. If you find yourself looking for fast-casual options in the Loop, you’re in luck! Here are a few of our favorites.